Acne Myths: What’s Real and What’s Not

The internet is filled with information about acne and sometimes these information may not be as accurate as they should be. Because of this, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to acne facts, acne treatments and acne prevention. To give you a clear idea of what’s what with acne, here are some common myths that are associated with the cause of acne, its treatment and how to prevent it.

Myth 1: Diet Causes Acne. The main cause of acne is not yet established. By that, it means that the real cause of acne is not your diet. Your diet may contribute to the formation of acne but it is not the sole cause of acne. What food does is that it creates some changes in your body that can affect the production of certain hormones. Let’s take processed sweets for example. Processed sweets can trigger the increased in insulin in the blood stream. Normally the increased insulin is needed to convert the sweets into energy or for storage. However if you have a condition called insulin resistance, you would continue to produce insulin and even if you have produced so much, your body fails to respond to that increase thus giving you a surplus of insulin in the blood stream. The sustained high levels of insulin triggers the production of oil in your oil glands. Increased oil production is one of the ingredients that can cause acne.

Myth 2: There are Ways to Cure Acne. Acne is a cycle. The factors such as dead skin cells, oil production and the acne bacteria are constant variables. These three are always present on your skin. You may be able to control acne, but you can never treat it.

Myth 3: The Acne Bacteria is Responsible for the Signs and Symptoms of Acne. The redness, swelling and the pus formation is triggered by the acne bacteria, however, you won’t be able to experience these signs and symptoms if not for your body’s natural defenses. When there is a bacteria overgrowth, your body will try to contain it by sending its soldiers to the site. The war between the bacteria and your body’s soldiers causes the inflammation. To minimize the signs and symptoms of acne, it is important that you treat your immune system not to overreact to the acne bacteria. That way it can treat the bacterial overgrowth without causing a lot of drama.